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We take pride in helping to keep families together during their difficult times.

Our company empowers people with collaborative, transparent and accountable healthcare systems through innovative technology that is accessible and usable by all, wherever they are, for a positive impact on society.

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Our technology can efficiently adapt to local specifications and collection standards, allowing for swift technological integration. See our local adaptation in the UK or Canada


Through the use of our technology, readmission rates in complex end of life patients have been reduced to an astounding 2%.


24 hour guidance and support is provided between the onsite care technicians and their directing registered nurse.


Care technicians can provide onsite medical assistance to an increased number of patients, in the comfort of their place of choice.


Founded in 2009, Sensory Technologies is headquartered in London, Ontario, Canada. eShift was first deployed in 2010 for pediatric patients with the aim to replace hospital stay for mechanically dependent, fragile children. After this successful deployment, eShift has been adopted to enable care in Palliative/End of Life care, Chronic Disease management and rehabilitation programs.

eShift is successfully deployed in 5 Ontario LHINs in various patients’ pathways, including:

Complex Pediatrics

Adults with Chronic Diseases

Rehabilitation Programs

End of Life Care Programs

The Connecting Care to Home or ‘CC2H’ Program was launched back in 2015 in South West LHIN. Its objectives were to streamline the transition of Chronic Disease patients with mild to moderate COPD and CHF from London Health Sciences Centre to home and self-management using a novel model of care and our eShift enabling technology. CC2H has achieved great results.

The table below represents some of the most remarkable 3 years cumulative results for eShift project with COPD patients.


Change to Baseline

Hospital Length of Stay


30 Day Readmission


30 Day ED Visit


Hospital Cost




Total Cost


Our aim is to integrate care teams to allow for seamless transition and provision of care in the most suitable location. Partnering with Hospitals, community care providers, Primary Care and Patients, eShift can be applied to a wide range of clinical pathways to ensure efficient, quality delivery of care.

Headquarter London

Sales/account management contact: Hugh MacLaren

Office manager: Marta Morar

location 100 Collip Circle, suite 116, London, Ontario See all contacts  >

We provide an innovative solution that treats and manages complex patients in their homes resulting in lowered costs, increased capacity, improved patient care and ultimately an improved patient experience.

Traditional Community Model
  • 1:1 Clinician to Patient
  • Costly
  • Cannot be scaled
  • Inefficient
eShift® Clinical Service Model
  • 1:6+ Clinician to Patient
  • Lower cost
  • Increased capacity
  • Efficient

We propose reorganization of the current human resources to achieve more efficient care at patient's place of choice
due to our cascading delegation concept. The cascading delegation is enabled by a SAAS platform: eShift. This disruptive model of care delivery went through studies and evaluation driven by NIHR CLAHRC in Sheffield (UK), and Western University of Ontario (Canada).

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with the help of our technology.

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