Sensory Technologies aims to partner with organizations who deliver patient care tools which can directly benefit from the Delegated Care model powered by our Central and Care Delivery tools. The Partnership Program was built upon the basis of bi-directional commitment.

Sensory Technologies provides its partners with our expertise and professional services in order to help best communicate the benefits of our model of care as well as assistance in deployments to new organizations. These include access to its in-house development team, implementation and project management resources, as well as our external consultants both medical and strategic.

In addition to its networking resources, Sensory Technologies utilizes a Partner Portal to ensure that its partners are always up to date with the latest materials, news, case study links, and access to key strategic documents.

We also ensure that the eShift College program is made readily available to our partners. This allows both medical professionals as well as sales representatives to have access to the latest training modules which are used to train front line staff.

Partners Portal

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