About Us

Sensory Technologies is a privately held Canadian medical software company with offices in Canada, the United States and Europe. We provide an innovative solution to prevent and replace medical treatment within private and public healthcare facilities.

Sensory Technologies has created a new clinical service model that allows patients to stay in the comfort of their place of choice while receiving the medical attention that they need.


Virtual support teams are constructed, with one remote clinician supervising and directing a team of onsite care technicians. Each clinician provides care to up to six patients, and through the use of our technology, updates their medical charts in real-time.

A unified, secure stream of patient information is created between the virtual support team members, allowing for immediate medical support and direction 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Through the use of our technology, patients can stay in the comfort of their place of choice while receiving the proper medical support that they need.

Our approach reduces overhead costs, increases patient capacity, and is proven to lower readmission rates in complex end of life patients to an astounding 2%.


Our mission and values

Our company empowers people with collaborative, transparent and accountable healthcare systems through innovative technology that is accessible and usable by all, wherever they are, for a positive impact on society.


Enhanced Community Palliative Support Services

NIHR CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber are working in partnership with Sensory Technologies to translate eShift® service model for nursing palliative care patients, into the UK health market.

South West Local Health Integration Network, Ontario

A story of keeping family together thanks to eShift® Program implemented by South West LHIN, Ontario.

South West Community Care Access Center

Gord and Janis: Hospital is not the greatest place to be and if you can avoid it, it’s much better to be in home.