eShift® Product Suite

Delivery of an effective and efficient patient care service continues to be a challenge worldwide. We have identified that finding a way to provide high quality, yet affordable, patient care in the community is of key importance to the society. Our passionate team has developed a product suite which helps to establish effective collaboration between healthcare professionals and make life of patients and their families better by transforming existing care models into powerful innovative and cost effective working environment.

Clarity Care Clinic Chart Connect Command Consult Collaborate Caregiver TM Central
  • Mandatory foundational technology
  • Central Data Repository
  • eShift® Forms engine / Integration subsystem
  • Privacy and Audit tools
  • Communications Platform
  • Authorization and user access subsystem

Outcomes and Performance Management

  • Advanced data Analytics toolset
  • Dashboard driven business intelligence
  • Aggregate regional data for trending comparative analytics
  • Aggregate clinical data drives ongoing outcome improvements

Care Delivery

  • Smartphone based tools allowing directed care for 8-12 hour shifts in community
  • Allows remote direction of staff by more senior professionals ( i.e. Tech<>DRN)
  • Operational in Ontario over 5 years
  • Typically 1 Senior managing 4-8 patients in real-time
  • Primary use: Palliative and Complex
  • Mobility toolset allowing for visiting nursing
  • Episodic or Scheduled Short visits
  • 1 Senior supervising mobile workforce
  • Typically 30-40 patient visits per day per snr staff member
  • Patient's data charting toolset

Engagement Tools

  • Portal based module allowing for involvement of broader circle of care
  • Patient controls access, capable of sharing full clinical story to authorized guests
  • Typically used by remote family members
  • Resource library, private forum, planning tools
  • Supports Multi-Disciplinary clinical rounds
  • Patient selection based on dynamic filters
  • Engages remote and in-person clinical members
  • Specialized CMO/CNO meeting audit tools
  • Enables direct at the point of care consultations with the greater care team
  • Supports shared patient record collaboration
  • Notification and attendance tracking

System Administration

  • Effective remote clinical management
  • Interoperability module