Rapid Local Adaptation

Our technology can efficiently adapt
to local specifications and collection standards, allowing for swift technological integration.

Lower Readmission Rates

Through the use of our technology, readmission rates in complex end of life patients have been reduced to an astounding 2%.

Ongoing Virtual Care

24 hour guidance and support is provided between the onsite care technicians and their directing registered nurse.

Increase Patient Capacity

Care technicians can provide onsite medical assistance to an increased number of patients, in the comfort of their own homes. 

What Makes Us Different?

Our technology increases communication between care professionals, allowing each medical tier to access a unified stream of patient information in real-time.

Through the use of eShift, registered nurses can remotely direct onsite care technicians, providing ongoing medical support.

We allow medical organizations, such as home care companies and nursing providers, to administer hospital level care at home by leveraging existing home care resources with our new clinical service model.

Workloads can be easily transferred between available directing clinicians, allowing for continual onsite care technician support.

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